Never Alone

There are some activities that are best done alone (next week, I'll post about that), but some things are best enjoyed with an entourage.



I wish that I could write something altruistic like, "I love surfing with other people because I want to share the amazing experience with my closest friends." This is my blog, and I've got to be honest and say that surfing with others is statistically better for your survival if you're attacked by a shark or a box jellyfish. So this is a practicality, as well as the fact that you want others to witness your wipe outs and drag you to safety.

Getting Married

The week before my wedding all my closest friends stayed in a beachside apartment with me. We went shopping for the bridesmaid's dress together. They all gave their opinions on my hair, makeup and dress.
I will never forget after the makeup trial, when my friend Oni sat down across from me and said, "Your makeup is great. It's nice that you're having a friend do it, but you look like a pro, and I don't mean like a professional." I love that my friends were all there to support me. We made my flowers together, and they helped me get dressed. Your wedding is the day when you need people other than your fiance to hold your hand.

Whitewater Rafting

I've never done this but the networks played The River Wild so many times on TV that I would never go white water rafting without ten burly men and a shotgun.


I love Step and Body Attack classes, in fact any exercise set to music is my jam. The great thing about doing aerobics classes with others is that real friends will stand in front of you to cover your unco moves. At the very least they will laugh with you as much as at you. There's always hope that one of your friends may even make you look good. My point is, exercise classes with friends are a good laugh. 

Reading a good book

In primary school my bestie and I would read the same book. Racing to see who could read the book first and comparing what parts we loved best. A good book should be shared, and there's no reason why you can't throw in snack and sleepover!


If you ever find yourself needing to do a promotional giveaway, find some amazing people to do it with. I've been blesses with six talented authors agreeing to be part of Mermaidapaloosa. 

Some things are just better in a group, feel free to add what you think is best enjoyed with others in the comments box. Remember to enter the giveaway!!!

Sizzling sand, pristine sea, steamy nights and hot boys! 

Hold onto summer with Mermaidapaloosa!!!



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