I know what I'm doing—Sortof

I've mastered this 'looking like I know what I'm doing' thing. Today is Little Miss' first day of school. She took the teachers hand and went into the school room without a second glance at her mother, who was holding in the tears like a champion—if I do say so myself. I'm missing her sweet presence in the house, man it's quiet.

Right now I'm sitting at my desk editing Drift, the third book in my Silver Tides Series. This is how I look:

Not bad, huh. I look pretty organized except for hubbies clothes strewn all over the guest bed (I should probably do something about that ... tomorrow).

But here's the thing, I'm not wearing any pants. Before you freak out and log off, hear me out. It's a 100% humidity here and no one is home, so no one will be glancing my magnificent thunder thighs. If I hadn't told you about no-pants Wednesday then you would be none the wiser.

Often when we meet people we just see the polished snap shot of their lives. There might be a few stray things, but we don't know what's really going on unless they tell us. The most happy, talented individuals may be struggling with depression, addiction, abuse, low-selfesteem or a myriad of other things that we have no idea about. So as you go about life be kind and be honest. Don't be afraid to get past the snap shot and find deeper relationships.

This Facebook life has us all editing our lives to show off the good stuff and minimise the bad, but life is a mixture of everything. So let's do life together honestly and with grace. Let's eat cake first. Dance in the rain. Cry at life. Let's jog, and eat, and play, and laugh, and live. Let's really live. Let's cry at life transitions and celebrate the milestones. Let's live, because existing is not enough.

Speaking of celebrating, I'm going to buy cake to celebrate Little Miss' first day at school.

Blessings to you

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