Make Time

Time flies when you’re busy. The last few years, life has certainly been busy.

I started this blog when I was a stay-at-home-mum battling post-natal depression. My writing was a way to work through one of the darkest times of my life. When I re-read some of the things I’ve written, there are things I would have written differently, but I am very proud of my efforts. The beauty of hind-sight is that you can see where you could have made other choices. These observations help us grow. I am looking forward to writing more, when I make time for it.

There have been two reasons why my writing has ebbed. 

First, at the beginning of 2016 my mother had a massive heart attack and we almost lost her. That gave me a big case of writers block.

Second, in 2016 I returned to pastoral ministry after a four year hiatus. I was recovered and ready to serve in one of the most wonderful churches you can imagine. Being back at ministry and family life have filled my days, and I haven’t really made time to write. 

Time is precious. It is a non-renewable resource. Once time has expired you can’t have it over. The moment is passed and cannot be recaptured. 

People are careful what they spend their money on. They consider who they spend their emotions or what job they spend their energy in. Yet time is flittered away with things that leave you empty and alone. 

So here is my challenge: Choose carefully what you spend your time on. 

You can spend it scrolling on Facebook or painting a masterpiece. 
You can spend it watching Netflix or watching your children laugh. 
You can spend it sitting on the couch or enjoying some physical activity. 
You can spend it being lonely or seeking out company.
You can spend it looking for others faults or looking for the good in others. 
You can spend it on YouTube watching others live life or you can live your own life.*

The quality of your life is determined by what you choose to fill your minutes with. 

* There is nothing wrong with Facebook, Netflix, sitting, being lonely (because you realise how wonderful relationships are when you feel lonely a little), or YouTube, it’s when it steals time from more worthy pursuits it becomes a problem.

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