Reality vs Expectations

I got a fringe, and it was ok---not stellar, but manageable---when my hairdryer was still in the land of the blowing. It's turned into a bit of a mess since. Let's be honest, people with curly hair, struggle with fringes (bangs for our US visitors)---period.

I can't stop myself from hoping for the best. It's an attitude that I carry through life. I expect the best from others because I give my best. When launching Silver Tides, I really hope that it's going to be well received into the Amazon Kindle family (maybe even hobnob in the top 100 one day).

If I'm honest, I'm often disappointed by people. Silver Tides may never make it past the top 100,000. My fringe will continue to curl or frizz at whim. In the face of that reality, I have two choices, become a cynical Cindy who poo hoos the universe or to continue being a little naive to keep the world rosy.

My choice is to continue to hope for the best and give my best. What's yours?

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