I'm pretty excited about my new book being launched to Kindle. What better way to celebrate than have a giveaway!!!

I didn't want to just raffle off something practical like a ipod, I wanted it to be a one of a kind item. So I took to the net and acquired this treasure. It was signed by Justin in the US, and will pass PSA and DNA testing. Mr Beliber himself has touched this photo, and I am raffling it off to get my book seen (and hopefully purchased) by people of impeccable taste and style.

Silver Tides Blurb
Mya Belan was invisible. A social misfit tolerated at the popular table only because of her best friend Jaimie… but ignored by everyone at school.
On the night of the big beach party before senior year everything changes. Mya rescues a drowning stranger from the sea and as the amnesiac boy “John” struggles with the after affects of his accident, Mya finds herself drawn to him - first as she nurses him and then as they form an unexpected friendship.
As Mya’s social star rises, so do the mysteries surrounding John. The more time Mya spends with him the more their attraction grows. But John is harbouring secrets that threaten to tear them apart. His flawless features and enchanting charisma hide an unbelievable truth.
Could John’s secrets put Mya and her family in danger?

Purchase Silver Tides for 0.99cUS on Kindle/ipad/digital copy

Why is Silver Tides only 99cUS?

Being a new author I want to get my work out there for people to read. I know people don't want to pay a lot for an unknown entity, but if I give it away for free people won't value it. So buy a copy, check it out, you can even get one for a friend. It's a bargain!

You could win:

A 6x4 signed Justin Bieber photo
A signed copy of Silver Tides

Why give away a Justin Beiber autograph?

Being a brand new indie author, I wanted to get my book out to the audience I wrote it for.

Who has the most young adult followers on the net? Justin Bieber!

So to get word of my new book out to the masses, I'm giving away something precious my Justin Bieber autograph and my brand new book!

Follow this link to enter and rafflecopter will choose a winner on September 2, 2013!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I will publish the name of the name of the winner on my blog. So if you don't want your name publicized, best not to enter in case.


  1. Thanks for a chance to win. My little girl would love to have the picture of Justin :)

  2. Good luck!!! Next month I'm giving away a Justin Bieber signed copy of Rolling Stone Magazine. It comes with a Certificate of Authentication (COA). So pop back from time to time and check it out!

  3. this so cool! I am excited for the book and I have a huge little Justin fan that will absolutely LOVE the poster :D