I'm watching Teen Beach Movie, it's a teeny version of Pleasantville and it's got me wondering what teen movie would I like to fall into. I've spent heaps of time thinking about it and I'm still conflicted.

I know which movies I don't want to fall into. Scream for example. I would totally be taken out in the Drew Barrymore scene. That would be uncool.
I'm not fond of being in I know what you did like Summer either. I'm a blonde, it never ends well for my kind.

Some of the contenders for movies I'd totally fall into are Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, Ever After, The Princess Bride, Calamity Jane and Beautiful Creatures. Even Teen Beach Movie is a contender.

But Pitch Perfect is my current fave movie. I just wanna hang out with Fat Amy, or I'd be happy to be Fat Amy!
I love Jesse, he's my ideal male lead, and the singing is soooo cool!

So what Teen Movie would you like to fall into?

If you want to fall into an awesome contest, enter Halloween Hootenany.

For the ubber fortunate U.S readers, my awesome and talented friend Sutton Shields has compiled this amazing Halloween Prize Pack!

Prize Breakdown:

*5 books

FINNED paperback by Sutton Shields 
SILVER TIDES paperback by Susan Fodor
UNTETHERED paperback by Katie Hayoz
WATERPROOF e-copy by Amber Garr
TOUCHING EVIL e-copy by Amber Garr

GORGEOUS paua shell reader-made necklace inspired by the one Troy Tombolo gives Marina Valentine in FINNED. 

True Blood swag from the world famous San Diego Comic-Con

-1 True Blood red 'Save the Vamps' t-shirt, size L.
-1 True Blood 'It hurts so good' tote bag/backback type bag (NOTE: In the picture, it is filled with bubble wrap so you can see the shape/size more clearly. It will be shipped flat).  
-3 rubber bracelets--red, white, and black with 'Save the Vamps' on them. 
-1 'It hurts so good' True Blood journal featuring Sookie & Bill
-1 'No one lives forever' True Blood journal 
-1 pair of black/red sunglasses; one side has HBO printed on it, the other has True Blood.
-2 sealed bite-shaped bandaids (these are hilarious!)

-6 True Blood collectible lobby cards (these are fun!)

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