Author Spotlight: Amy Martin

Amy shares holiday traditions & memories:

Favorite Christmas gift of all time:
My parents gave me a Raggedy Ann doll for my first Christmas. I kept that doll for years and have tons of pictures of me dragging that poor thing around with me wherever I went.

Fave Christmas tradition:
Whenever my husband and I are by ourselves for the holiday, we always make pancakes for Christmas dinner.

In Your Dreams (In Your Dreams #1):

Blurb for In Your Dreams (In Your Dreams #1)

Sixteen-year-old Zara "Zip" McKee lives for three things: basketball, books, and bailing out of tiny Titusville, Illinois, where the junior high and high school are in the same building and everyone's known everyone else since birth. But when Kieran Lanier moves to town and passes out on her desk on his first day at school, Zip's life gets complicated in a way she never dreamed.

Kieran has narcolepsy, and although he sometimes struggles to stay awake, he has no trouble capturing Zip's heart and trusting her with his most guarded secret--he sees bits and pieces of the future in his dreams.

But just when Zip thinks that maybe she can handle having a boyfriend who sees things before they happen, her budding relationship with Kieran gets a jolt when Kieran's parents reveal that his sleeping disorder is not what it seems and may be putting them in harm's way. And when Zip begins to have unsettling dreams, she must decide if she can live with knowing the future in advance when she's afraid of what might happen.

*Recommended for Young Adult readers 13 and up (mild cursing, some adult situations)

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As You Wake (In Your Dreams #2):

Blurb for As You Wake (In Your Dreams #2)

Book 2 of the In Your Dreams series.

Zara "Zip" McKee and Kieran Lanier thought they had put the threats from Kieran's past behind them in the first installment of the In Your Dreams series. But when danger comes for them once again, Zip, Kieran, and their families find themselves on separate summer road trips that none of them had anticipated. When all paths converge in North Carolina, the two families are forced to deal with each other and the secrets they've kept out of love and fear.

But Kieran is keeping the biggest secret of all from everyone but Zip. He hasn’t had a dream—about the future, about anything—for months. And while Zip and Kieran are grappling with what the new twist in Kieran’s sleeping disorder might mean, a mysterious stranger reveals information that could change Kieran's life--or end it.

*Due to language and some adult situations, this book is recommended for readers 13 and up.

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