RIFTED Cover reveal & Character Interview With the Sexy, Aussie sorta-angel!

Today I have a super special treat.... Drum roll....

One of my fave Mer-Girls is about to launch the third wave of  The Merworld Water Wars series.

With no further ado, let me hand you over to Sutton, and the fun interview she allowed me with my Jex.

Wave Three of The Merworld Water Wars series, RIFTED, is just a fin flip away! To welcome the return of Marina, Troy, and the rest of the Mer-Nor gang, I thought it might be fun to crawl out of my shell and share the cover, hook, and summary with some wonderful book bloggers & authors I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know. <3

So, here we go! First up, the cover for RIFTED!

Someone wicked walks among them.

Heartbreak usually requires time to heal. For Marina Valentine, however, time has other plans: like sticking her with a shiny, stubborn accessory, sending her on a surprising date with someone other than Troy Tombolo, and introducing her lips to kisses that could save or destroy everything and everyone.

Marina and the rest of the Mer-Nor gang must find a way to push through the grief caused by The Dealer, for their next mission will take them on a dangerous, scandal-filled journey that may very well be the most significant to date: hunt down the evidence they need to prove once and for all that the tyrannical King Zale breached the water pact.

But with the shocking identity of The Dealer and overwhelming guilt weighing heavily on her, Marina struggles with frightening emotional urges and begins to question whether she is truly strong enough to succeed as the all-important Siren Savior.

Marina is in more danger than ever before—even inside the familiar study with her trusted friends—because unbeknownst to her, someone has been lurking about, waiting for the chance to undo everything the Mer-Nor gang has achieved…and with the Siren Savior’s doubt growing, that person’s chance has finally arrived.

Character Interview:

As a special treat, I’m pleased to welcome to my blog the naughty, Aussie, sorta-angel himself, Jex!
How are you today, Jex?                              
Jex, winking: “Always fine, love. You?”
Very well. Happy to have you.
Jex, a very sexy smirk appearing on his face: “Interesting wording.”
Well…ahem…you ready to answer a few questions?
Jex: “For you? Always. Fire away.”
First off, which of the Mer-Nor gang do you think has grown the most to date?
Jex: “Not Polly.” <laughs> “I suppose the obvious answer would be Marina, but then I do tend to give that girl far too much of my attention, don’t I? Wouldn’t want her getting complacent, so…let’s go with Ophelia. Think you’ll start to see some fairly dramatic growth from our little time-freezing ninja.”
Interesting. What about Troy? Don’t you think he’s grown a great deal from how he was before Marinaarrived in Saxet Shores?
Jex, shrugging: “Eh, yeah, but I’m not inclined to throw the wee 'lil fish prince a fish bone during one of myinterviews.”
Well, then, let’s keep the spotlight where it belongs: on you. Will we be finding out more about your pre-earth-angel life at some point?
Jex, grinning: “Perhaps. My past is...colorful. I’ve been a very bad boy. What can I say? Bad just fits.”
Of all your acquaintances in Saxet Shores, who do you worry about surviving the impending war?
Jex: “Ya want to know who might kick the proverbial bucket, eh? Grim, love, very grim. As you know, we’ve already lost a dear friend, so…” <clears throat and stares at the ceiling> “Truthfully, I’m concerned about a number of people, some of whom you may find surprising. If I had to name someone right here and now it would be…Gully. There ya go. Maybe we redirect this conversation out of this dark, depressing neighborhood and into something a little, oh, I dunno, friskier, maybe?”
I think that’s a good idea. How about this: all the ladies are wondering: do earth angels wear boxers or briefs?
Jex, throwing his head back, laughing: “Ah, now, this is more my territory—remember, behind the corner of Passion & Provocative sits my warm cul-de-sac. And you’re always welcome, love.” <smiles teasingly as Susan uses her notes to fan her face> Now, to answer your question…most earth angels wear boxers. We’re a little looser, you know. Not as uptight as the snobby, 100% angel bunch. As for me, however, I do prefer flying about the skies wearing nothing.”
Wow. Well…nothing at all? Wow. What? Oh. Right. Last question. Phew. Okay. Out of Polly, Meikle, and Marina, who would you snog, marry or take to Paris?
Jex, a small smile tugging at one corner of his mouth: Well, I’ve already snogged Polly, haven’t I? So, the snog goes to Polls. If I did the marrying thing, I’d probably marry Marina and fly her to Paris for the always delightful honeymoon. Wee 'lil fish prince will want to batter and fry my wings for this answer. Quite like that this will piss his royal fin off.”
No love for Meikle?
Jex: “Aw, now, I think the world of Meeks! She’s a saucy little witch. But you know as well as I do what would happen if I tried to kiss, marry, or scoop her up for a quick trip to The City of Love! She’d bust my balls, pluck my feathers, and curse the holy hell out of me!” <laughs> “Nah, I’m not that dumb.”
Dive into the wild waters with the Mer-Nor gang
May 27th, 2014!

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